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Battler Resource Base

This resource is to assist Pacific island invasive species practitioners in their battle against invasive species.

It includes the “Guidelines for Invasive Species Management in the Pacific” which outlines a set of themes and objectives to assist in forming a comprehensive invasive species programme. It includes the Pacific Invasive Species Battler Series on common Pacific topical issues and an option to see what new resources have been added lately. You can also search for documents, case-studies, reports and other media by selecting the appropriate “Guidelines” theme or objective, or use the general search function by selecting tags related to the resources. If you have resources that would be useful to share amongst other Pacific islanders please contact Josef Pisi

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A1. Generating Support — Raising awareness of the impacts of invasive species on biodiversity, the economy, human health and socio-cultural values, and generating support for action to manage and reduce them.

A2. Building Capacity — Developing the institutions, skills, infrastructure, technical support, information management, linkages, networks and exchanges required to manage invasive species effectively.

A3. Legislation, Policy and Protocols — Ensuring that appropriate legislation, protocols, policies and procedures are in place and operating, to underpin the effective management of invasive species. 

Problem Definition and Decision Making

B1. Baseline & Monitoring — Establishing a baseline of information on the status and distribution of invasive species and a programme for detecting change, including range changes and emerging impacts.

B2. Prioritization — Establishing effective systems for assessing risk and prioritising invasive species for management.

B3. Research on priorities — Understanding priority invasives, including species biology and impacts, and developing effective management techniques. 

Management Action

C1. Biosecurity — Preventing the spread of invasive species across international or internal borders.

C2. Management of established invasives — Reducing or eliminating the impacts of established invasive species, by eradication, containment, exclusion, or population reduction by physical, chemical or biological control.

C3. Restoration — Restoring native biodiversity or ensuring recovery of other values, after invasive species management.