To determine the top 20 manageable invasive plants in Samoa and to then prioritises the work that needs to be done to manage them effectively. The workshop will aim:

Recent years have seen large increases in the number and size of successful invasive species eradications from islands. There is also a long history of large scale removals on larger land-masses. These programmes for mammals and terrestrial plants follow the same cost-area relationship although spanning 10 orders of magnitude in scale. Eradication can be readily defined in island situations but can be more complex on larger land-masses where uncertainties defining the extent of a population, multiple population centres on the same land-mass and ongoing risks of immigration are commonplace.

This is a generic document which can be adapted to the needs of any territory

The purpose of this guide is to provide simple factsheets on priority invasive alien pests that currently threaten plant health, human health and/or biodiversity in the Pitcairn Islands (Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands), a UK Overseas Territory located in the southern Pacific Ocean. It also identifies the main pathways of introduction so that biosecurity inspections can be targeted. The guide is intended to be used by those working in biosecurity, and by all those interested in preserving the unique environments and biodiversity found in the Pitcairn Islands.