This is a summary of New Caledonia's Strategy for Invasive Alien Species that threaten natural ecosystems which was endorsed by the governing board of the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels (CEN) at the end of 2016. This summary was produced to raise awareness amongst New Calendonians and visitors of the priority actions that have been developed at the territory level and the urgent need for cooperative action to address this major threat to the country.

It is important to recall that Madagascar is a country of exceptional biodiversity worldwide. For example, among the 300 species of amphibians reported, the rate of endemism is nearly 100%. The recent incursion of the invasive Asian toad constitutes a direct threat to this unique biodiversity but also to human health and the country's economy. We suspect the toads impact may be comparable to the Cane toad in Australia; we must act swiftly to prevent a similar disaster unfolding in Madagascar.

Invasive species affect each of our lives, all regions of the U.S., and every nation in the world. Society pays a great price for invasive species - costs measured not just in dollars, but also in unemployment, damaged goods and equipment, power failures, food and water shortages, environmental degradation, increased rates and severity of natural disasters, disease epidemics, and even lost lives. Stimulated by the rapid global expansion of trade, transport, and travel, invasive species and their costs to society are increasing at an alarming rate.

Invasive species pose an enormous threat in the Pacific: not only do they strongly affect biodiversity, but they also potentially affect the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of Pacific peoples. Invasive species can potentially be managed and their impacts can potentially be avoided, eliminated, or reduced. However, neither the costs nor the numerous benefits of management are well understood in the Pacific.

This summary of invasive species management activities undertaken by people and agencies that the Pacific Invasives Initiative (PII) works with its collated and circulated by the PII Team. Contributions are welcome.

Education and awareness are important steps to ensuring the issue with invasive species is well