invasive species management

Forest degradation is different from deforestation. Deforestation occurs when forests are converted to non-forest uses, such as agriculture and road construction. The term forest degradation is used to indicate the destruction or reduction in quality of specific aspects of forests.

A persistent problem in weed biocontrol is how to reliably predict whether a plant that supports development in laboratory host-specificity testing will be utilized in field conditions, and this is undoubtedly preventing releases of safe and effective agents.

Biological control of introduced weeds in the 22 Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) began in 1911, with the lantana seed feeding fly introduced into Fiji and New Caledonia form Hawaii. To date, a total of 62 agents have been deliberately introduced into the PICTs to control 21 weed species in 17 countries.

Main session on Battling Invasive Species in the Pacific - 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas, 2020. Invasive species are a key issue for biodiversity and ecosystem resilience in the Pacific. This session will take you on a journey through the Pacific with 28 Invasive Species Battler’s, experts and donors. We will update you on the current state of invasive species in the Pacific, some of their impacts, some challenges and some solutions.