Foundations-Generating Support

NES in collaboration with the Integrated Island Biodiversity (IIB) Project and the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Project launched the theme for our 2014 campaign - E Tango Maori te Ao Ora Natura: Our Islands, Our Biodiversity, Our Future - in January via TV interview, newspaper article and advertisement.

Wedelia, creeping oxeye, or the trailing daisy, a deceptively beautiful, bright emerald-green creeper with bright yellow daisy-like flowers, is one of the world's most aggressive weeds and is listed among these other destructive organisms as one of the worlds 1000 worst invasive alien species. IT is now firmly established in Melanesia and throughout the Pacific islands.

Invasive species is one of the greatest threats to Samoa's biodiversity, it damages habitat for native plants and animals, loss of subsistence resources, economic loss especially the health of people. Invasive species could be anything that is introduced to a certain area, thus cause negative impacts to the environment as a whole.