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Des invasions biologiques aux conséquences multiples: Les espèces exotiques envahissantes (EEE dans la suite de l‘ouvrage) constituent l’une des principales pressions sur la biodiversité à l’échelle mondiale, au même titre que la destruction des habitats naturels, la surexploitation des ressources, les pollutions ou le changement climatique.

The purpose of the National Invasive Species Strategy is to minimize the harmful effects of invasive species on the environment and society of Palau through coordination of efforts at all levels of Palauan society, and to facilitate cooperation with neighboring countries and the Pacific Islands region to prevent the movement of invasive species.

The Convention on Biological Diversity has been adopted by many countries, resulting in the development of national biodiversity strategies. This illustrates the international recognition of the importance of protecting ecosystems. However, ecosystems still face many threats, some of them growing and spreading so rapidly as to cause irreversible deterioration in many countries and areas.

Vanuatu is a Y-shaped archipelago located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean at 13-20o S, 166o – 172o E. There is a distance of roughly 1,300 km from northernmost island to the southernmost. The country’s coastline extends for 2,528 km long and comprises over 80 islands with a total land area of 12,336 km2 , set within a 200- mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of approximately 680,000Km2 . Vanuatu’s islands are geologically young and were formed during the four main volcanic activity periods.

An act to establish the bio-security administration for the safe importation and monitoring of animals, plants, ants and their products into Tuvalu

Biodiversity on marine islands is characterized by unique biogeographic. phylogenetic and functional characteristics. Island hold a disproportionate amount of the world's biodiversity, and they have also experienced a disproportionate loss of it.

Work is based around country visits by the network coordinator to support PILN teams to identify and take strategic action to manage their priority invasive species. The network is functioning by sharing awareness of successful activities being earned out by the teams, providing the mechanism for other teams to do the same, and actively encouraging them to do so.