The first of two workshops on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity in the Tropical Island Pacific Region was held at the East-West Center in Honolulu on 2 - 4 November 1994. The goal of the first workshop was to review the status of species systematics and database management studies and develop an action plan for marine and coastal biodiversity information management for the region. The workshop was divided into three parts...

SPREP’s Environmental and Monitoring Governance (EMG) Programme convened a regional meeting for participants to review the successes of the ACPMEA Project Phase 2, discuss and share experiences in implementing the ACPMEA project, and establish clear linkages to the Inform project.

Retrouvez le site de l’initiative largement mis à jour et notamment une description des enjeux et de l’initiative, les actualités, bases de données et ressources. Vous y trouverez également une page et la base de données spécifiques à la Nouvelle-Calédonie.

The need for a Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum to provide a venue and support for biodiversity information needs in the Pacific Basin was established during the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) meeting on Maui in May of 2002. Interested parties met again during the October 2003 GBIF meeting in Tsukuba, Japan and reaffirmed the need and began to draw up a governing structure for PBIF and identify specific biodiversity needs in the Pacific Basin that can be addressed through projects.

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) works to make digital biodiversity data openly and freely available on the internet for everyone. GBIF provides access to scienti_c biodiversity data for decision-making, research endeavours and public use. GBIF endorses both open source software and open data access.