Introduced organisms - Control

The papers and abstracts published in this book are the outcome of the conference on Island Invasives: Eradication and Management held at Tamaki Campus, University of Auckland, New Zealand from 5 to 12 February 2010, hosted by the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity (University of Auckland and Landcare Research), in collaboration with the IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group.

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) systems are the first line of defence against invasive species once they have penetrated national or inter-island biosecurity systems. For these systems to be effective, a plan is required to coordinate the responsible agencies and ensure both the systems and equipment to address the detected species are in place prior to the response. Several countries have developed these plans recently, which are available on the Battler Resource Base. SPREP thanks James Stanford, who drafted the text for this guide.

The Austral-Pacific region has numerous characteristics that make regional coordination on invasive alien species issues particularly important. For example, 98% of its 30 million km2 is ocean; the remaining 2% contains 7500 islands, of which just 500 are inhabited. Many islands in the three subregions - Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia - are small and widely scattered.