National Environment Service Tuanga Tapooporo Cook Islands

Poster/flyer for red passionfruit awareness as an invasive alien plant.

Ship rats (rattus rattus) is the only species of rat not found on Atiu.

Did you know Crown of Thorns threatens coral reefs by feeding on the corals?

Two Tiaea (Cuscutta) sites have been identified in Tupapa and Titikaveka. It is a destructive weed that can affect agriculture crops such as maniota, taro, etc.

An invasive plant that was recently introduced to the Cook Islands and only found on Aitutaki.

Poster of infographic on the giant sensitive weed, invasive plant, in the Cook Islands.

Poster or infographic on the grand balloon vine invasive plant in the Cook Islands.

Poster or visual infographic on invasive animals in the Cook Islands.