Towards a guidance document for invasive species planning and management on islands

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Towards a guidance document for invasive species planning and management on islands

In 2012 a process was initiated to produce a guidance document for invasive species management on islands, as an objective of a regional invasive species project in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) islands, implemented by IUCN. The consultative process for producing the document began with requests and discussions via regional and global island and invasives email distribution lists. Initial responses revealed a consensus on the need for a guidance document for programmatic planning. A draft was therefore constructed around existing Pacific regional guidelines and a draft manual that had initially been written for the WIO, with new supplementary sections suggested by respondents. The new draft was discussed and revised in workshops at two international conferences. The document is now organised into three main sections: the first on how to use it, the second a checklist of the essential components of a comprehensive island invasives programme (to ensure nothing is overlooked when planning), and the third providing detailed guidance on the planning and decision-making processes. The document is intended to provide a comprehensive framework and procedural guide for invasive species planning on islands. Further consultations took place by email, and a later draft was tested by a number of users writing various kinds of invasive species strategy and action plan. Publication will be in English, French (both published 2018) and Spanish (scheduled for 2019).

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