Onotoa Island Myna Management Report

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Onotoa Island Myna Management Report

This report is based on official trip made to Onotoa early this year 2014. IAS project under ECD together with ALD from MELAD was made to fulfill the obligation of ECD as an implementing agency. In 2012, there is a survey trip made to confirm the distribution and number of myna birds on Onotoa in order to set up appropriate actions to cease the disturbances and destruction caused by this bird. Thus, the programs of this trip are to educate the locals on how to construct myna (mynah) bird traps and to encourage instinctive knowledge for eradication using their own resources and conduct an outreach program on inter-island bio-security role. This report therefore will highlight activities, findings and data update on numbers, challenges and recommendations that will aim to improve upcoming responses.

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