Status of birds, peka (flying foxex) and reptiles on Niue island

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Status of birds, peka (flying foxex) and reptiles on Niue island

During 10–21 September, quantitative surveys were carried out of birds and flying foxes using the same techniques as applied in earlier surveys, and searches carried out for a rare parrot and lizard. Bird counts showed that the lupe or Pacific imperial-pigeon population has recovered following a decline between 1994 and 2004 though the current hunting rate is considered unsustainable. Miti or Polynesian starling numbers have gradually declined over the period 1994–2012 which is a concern and hard to explain. Rat predation is a possible cause. There was also an indication that pekapeka or white-rumped swiftlet numbers have declined though more investigation is needed to confirm this. We were unable to find any hega or blue-crowned lory though a few individuals were reported to us. Numbers are clearly very low and the next step must be to gain a better understanding of where the species regularly occurs so that management can be applied.

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